I most enjoy manipulating silver, bronze and copper into various jewelry pieces, small bowls and containers. One area I find myself drawn to is creating unique pieces of jewelry from metal scraps left behind from previous work. I love when I can create or add to a piece by recycling metals, leather, antique buttons, and vintage necklaces. My favorite medium at the moment, though, is enameling, with filagree a close second.

I have learned about the craft of metalsmithing primarily from Melissa Manley, the incredible metals instructor at Cape Fear Community College. I'm an insatiably curious learner and have also attended workshops and conferences, and I'm a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths and the Enamelist Society.


If you're curious about the name "Grantland," it resulted from my years as a high school teacher. I have always had a permanent sign in the front of my classroom with the statement: "Grantland Is Not A Democracy.." At the beginning of the year, I tell my students when they first enter my classroom that they are now in a previously unexplored place known as Grantland, and I am their friendly little dictator, Ms. Grant. Whenever a student complains that something isn't fair, I simply point to my sign and smile my friendly little dictator smile. Although it sometimes drives them crazy, it always makes Grantland a happy place for its leader -- and, after all, isn't that what's really important?!

Louise Harrell Grant